What We Learned From the 12 Hour PNL For a Purpose Livestream
PNL For a PurposeMay 06, 202401:09:38

What We Learned From the 12 Hour PNL For a Purpose Livestream

In this episode of Two Quants and a Financial Planner, we discussed the key insights and lessons learned from our 12-hour live podcast event, "PNL for a Purpose." Throughout the day, we interviewed 24 guests on a wide range of topics, including macro investing, quantitative investing, value investing, and technology. We delved into the importance of being open to changing one's opinion when presented with new evidence, the challenges of navigating the complexities of the current economic landscape, and the potential impact of AI on our future. Our conversations with these diverse experts provided valuable perspectives on risk management, long-term investing, and the need for adaptability in an ever-changing world. We hope our listeners found these discussions as engaging and informative as we did, and we encourage everyone to support the Susan G. Komen foundation through our ongoing fundraiser.


00:00 - Introduction and overview of the "PNL for a Purpose" event
01:45 - Thanking Jack for his hard work in organizing the event
03:15 - Potential failure points and the importance of preparation
05:30 - Lessons from the live stream experience
07:00 - Starting with the first guest, Andy Constan, and his insights
11:00 - Mike Taylor from Simplify and the mission of their healthcare ETF
16:30 - Lessons from Cem Karsan on long-term trends and fiscal stimulus
18:00 - Katie Stockton and her approach to technical analysis
20:30 - Corey Hoffstein's 15 lessons and frameworks from Newfound Research
23:00 - Jerry Parker, an original turtle trader, and his purist approach to trend following
25:00 - Que Nguyen from Research Affiliates and her views on AI and investing
27:30 - Wes Gray's insights on value investing and the ETF white-labeling business
31:30 - Darius Dale's systematic approach to macro investing
33:00 - Meb Faber's thoughts on endowment investing and low-cost ETFs
36:30 - Rafael Resendes' presentation on safer market investing and intrinsic value
38:30 - Bob Elliott's level-headed approach to macro investing
40:00 - Mandy Xu's discussion on volatility and the rise of options activity
41:00 - Cullen Roche's macro dashboard and pragmatic take on the economy
42:00 - Joseph Wang's insights from working inside the Federal Reserve
43:30 - Doug Clinton and Gene Munster's discussion on technology and AI
47:00 - The importance of respectful disagreement and the potential impact of AI
49:30 - Closing thoughts and the ongoing fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation




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